Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Shift in Education

I found a wonderful YouTube video created by RSA Animate regarding a shift in education paradigms. Every parent with a student in a public school needs to watch this video!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

PreK Content Standards and Learning Criteria

Content Standards and Learning Criteria for PreK in West Virginia can be located in this document from the Board of Education.

I found this very beneficial when designing my three-year-old's activities! I have printed the tables and keep them in a binder to use as a guide.

I also found it very interesting what our kids are expected to know and understand before entering Kindergarten.

If you aren't homeschooling, this may be a good guide for you to be sure your daycare facility is properly preparing your child!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Washing Dishes and Learning!

My 3-year-old daughter absolutely loves to wash dishes. I use it as a reward for finishing her other school work. Today, I set up a wash station at the big sink in the kitchen. I brought in a variety of her play dishes, filled the basin with a couple inches of water and proceeded to teach.

I asked her to point to the red dishes... the blue... the yellow... and the black.

I then asked her to count the red dishes... the blue... the yellow... and the black.

I then gave her a math word problem. Might as well introduce her to these now...

How many dishes do you have all together?

If mommy takes away the plates, how many dishes do you have left?

This may be a bit much for a 3-year-old on a worksheet, but when she can touch the dishes while she counts-- it is totally possible and enjoyable for her!

I love it when she's learning and she thinks she's playing...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Week of Curriculum Ideas for a Toddler

These are more or less an outline of my ideas. I followed this plan with my 3 year old over the course of a week. It worked and she enjoyed herself! (Don't forget it's easiest to give your toddler LOTS of breaks!)


Letter B


Craft - Sailboat out of Meat Tray (make a Barbie Boat if you have a little girl)

Letter B/Boat Coloring Page:

Science: A lump of clay sinks. Change its shape to make it float.

B = Barbie

Barbie - Coloring Pages:

Barbie - Ballerina Videos- I Can Be a Ballerina

Color: Blue

Blue starts with letter B

Craft: Bonnie Blue Bell Colors Buddy


Letter C


Make a shiny car:


Make a cat headband:

C Book:

Color: Yellow

Yellow Flowers Activity

Need: yellow baking cups, green pipe cleaners, tape, crayons or markers

Directions: Give your child a yellow baking cup, crayons, a green pipe cleaner and scissors. Use the yellow baking cups as "flowers" and have your child draw on the inside of the cups. Tape the base of the "flowers" to the green stems (pipe cleaner).


Letter D


Doggie Puppet:

Letter D Template:

Dog headband:



Brown Tree Pictures Activity

Help your child paint their hand and the upper part of their forearm brown and make a brown print on a piece of paper or poster board to create the trunk and branches of a tree. Decorate the branches of the tree according to the season. For winter, add pieces of cotton for snow. For spring, add scrunched up scraps of pink tissue paper for blossoms. For summer, add pieces of green construction paper for trees, and small colored circles to represent fruit, red for apples, orange for peaches, etc... For fall, add scraps of red, orange, and yellow paper to represent leaves.

Coloring picture:


Letter E

Coloring Pages:

Elephant Mask:

Make play envelopes and stamps:

Make a mailbox for your envelopes!

Color: Red

Red Coloring Page:

Play with red lipstick - Photograph!

Have red jello for a snack!


Letter: F

Fish and Fishbowl

Go get a fish and fishbowl at the store!

His name is Fred!

Make a sign with his name on it.

Use a stamp pad and make fingerprint fishies

Color: Orange

Goldfish will be orange

Eat oranges and carrots for snacks

Play with orange clay